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Although the ice cream bar is small, the production procedure is quite strict.


The ice cream bar production line is a series of production lines, such as raw material wood, through rotary cutting machine, engraving machine, noodle picking machine (optional equipment), knife grinder (optional equipment), etc., which is processed into finished ice cream bars and tongue depressor. 

In the production process of ice cream bars for many years, our factory has taken the strengths of the major rotary cutting machine manufacturers and carefully designed them, which is an excellent product in the same industry. 

The main motor of this rotary cutting machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, plus auxiliary large claw, external electromagnetic clutch, high production efficiency, which is 1.5 times higher than that of other similar rotary cutting machines. 

This product is sturdy and durable, all gears are made of 4T cast steel, nuts and turbines are made of tin bronze 66T, which is 3-4 times longer than that of other similar rotary cutting machines. 

In the actual operation, it is proved that it has the advantages of saving manpower and low power consumption. 

Moreover, the ice cream bar manufacturer can also process and pack according to customer requirements (such as branding, dyeing, etc.), from the lower section of wood, peeling, to spin-cutting, punching, drying, polishing, selecting packaging, and then to the first quality inspection, the second quality inspection, the machine automatic selection …... 

Step by step, after a rigorous process of manufacturing.

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