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What kind of chopsticks indicate that it

After using the chopsticks for a few months, the color at the top becomes darker, and even if you rinse it carefully, you can't seal it. Many people do not care about this, in fact, it is a symbol of the need to replace new chopsticks. Usually, the color of chopsticks becomes darker after 3 to 6 months of use. The long-term accumulation of bacteria is the primary factor in the color change of seizures.

The small method of making the coaster o

Make the best use of these ice cream bars into some fun and practical daily necessities and personality decoration, which not only reduces the environmental pressure of waste disposal, but also enriches our leisure life in summer.

Maintenance of wood products

Because of the particularity of its materials and properties, wooden handicrafts are rarely cracked and are not afraid of water, but this does not mean that you can spray water to clean wooden handicrafts at will when maintaining wooden handicrafts. You should try to wipe them gently with a wet rag!

Although the ice cream bar is small, the

The ice cream bar production line is a series of production lines, such as raw material wood, through rotary cutting machine, engraving machine, noodle picking machine (optional equipment), knife grinder (optional equipment), etc., which is processed into finished ice cream bars and tongue depressor.

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